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About Us

Beijing Hua Xin Cheng Technical Training Co., LTD., (HTT) was founded in 2004 and it is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Huaxincheng Auto. Technology Co. Ltd. At the beginning, the company was mainly focus on consultation, training course designing & implementation and other services in the automotive industry. In recent years, in order to realize the strategic transform/expanding of HTT, the company has been committing to the multi-line vocational education field, which including school-enterprise cooperation program, specific project management, site planning, curriculum development and TTT, etc.

HTT has been focusing on corporate social responsibility for a long time and start to expanding the training services to financial industry since last year. The VGM of HTT was authorized by UNITAR, to develop cooperation, training and research programmes with Chinese financial institutions and related public authorities together with UNITAR to contribute to achieving  2030SDGs.




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